Thursday, November 28, 2013

Informational Resources - For "Getting up to Speed"

This page is a work in progress, to be continually updated. Here you will find a list of web links for newcomers who wish to self-educate. Disclaimer: the publisher of the present website does not necessarily endorse every idea expressed the following sources:

  • Gynocentrism Theory - the Twelve Lectures of Adam Kostakis, revealing the base mechanics of feminism. A canonical work in the counter-feminist tradition, but not widely known - or at least not widely talked about. Certainly, the feminists don't want you knowing or talking about it. Get acquainted with these writings yourself, and be a cut above the crowd:

  • A Voice For Men - This website is the Ellis Island of the red pill universe, and a must-go for all who are new to the scene. What's that, don't know what "red pill" means? Well go to A Voice For Men, and you'll find folks who are happy to explain this. At present, AVfM is the biggest battleship in the fleet, and its firepower is formidable. You might not agree with everything you hear there, but absorb it anyway so you'll know the state of the game before you start your own gig. AVfM is here:

  • The Unknown History of Misandry - "Misandry" is the hatred of men or things male. Misandry is as old as the world, and so is opposition to it. Go to this excellent website for a treasure trove of scholarship that lays out feminism's lies on a cold slab:

  • Man, Woman, Myth - This legendary YouTube channel offers a library of videos which dissect the modern dysfunctionality of man-woman relations. Feminism is underscored as the root cause:

  • The Agent Orange Files - In the Autumn of 2011, a pro-male agent - code-named Agent Orange - infiltrated a private radical feminist internet forum called the Radfem Hub. Posing as a radical feminist, Agent Orange copied virtually the entire body of discussions at the private forum, and made these available to the world. The material is scandalous and appalling, and as you read through it, you will understand why the word "feminazi" is not a bit hyperbolic. The release of this material sent shock waves through the feminist community and beyond, and those waves are still spreading:

  • The Fraud of Feminism - A book published 100 years ago by the English socialist E. Belfort Bax, who describes feminism in horrific terms which sound exactly like the feminism we know today. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Download the free PDF file here:

  • Martin Fiebert's Bibliography - Feminism's greatest intellectual crime is, arguably, the domestic violence libel against men. They would have you believe that men are the "primary aggressors" 95% of all domestic violence cases. In reality, men and women are evenly divided in this realm. Fiebert's bibliography gives a long list of academic studies exposing the feminist lie:

  • A Voice for Male Students - The website of Jonathan Taylor, himself a man of academic background, who focuses on the hottest of all battlefronts in the war against men: Academia. There is a wealth of material to explore here, and if you are a young man about to head off for college, this website is a must-read:

  • Community of the Wrongly Accused (COTWA) - This is the successor blog to the celebrated False Rape Society. Like its illustrious predecessor, this blog details stories of men who are falsely accused of rape. A wealth of material has been stockpiled, along with cutting-edge analysis of the problem. False accusation of rape is a very serious social problem, and despite what any feminist might tell you, it happens far too often and destroys far too many lives:

  • Durham-in-Wonderland - In early 2006, three lacrosse players from Duke University were arrested on the charge of rape. They were put on trial, and after a harrowing ordeal with a corrupt prosecutorial system determined to convict them no matter what, they were finally exonerated. Feminists everywhere were howling for their blood despite growing evidence of their innocence. The case has rightly become a landmark, and you will find it minutely documented and examined at the following website:

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